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Mongorestore: No Reachable Servers

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When using mongodb’s mongorestore commandline tool, it failed with the message

Failed: no reachable servers

Strangely enough, it was working on my computer, but failed on my colleague’s.

Comparing Deeply Nested Structures

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For testing a JSON API response I recently had to compare two deeply nested structures. To do this programmatically would be quite a pain, so I wrote a gem which tests a prepared structure (imported JSON) against the output of my (unit test) code.

Screencasting With Ubuntu as GIF

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Sometimes I need to send someone instructions on how to use software.

Instead of fiddling with annotated screenshots, wouldn’t it be nice to just send an animated GIF via email? Also, I now can show off my struggles with Vim! ;)

Here’s a setup that I found on the internet and it works like a charm with my system (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and xmonad).

Ruby 2.0 Not Compiling Due to Readline Error

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Ruby 2.0.0 didn’t compile anymore after reinstalling rbenv on my Ubuntu 14.04 system. The error message was only hinting at /tmp/

Inside the build log I found an error similar to this:

readline.c:1977:26: error: ‘Function’ undeclared (first use in this function)
     rl_pre_input_hook = (Function *)readline_pre_input_hook;

Integration Tests With Celluloid::IO, Part 2

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In the first post, we wrote an integration test setup for a Celluloid::IO application.

One remaining problem is that the tests are “absorbing” all exceptions that occur during worker execution, or are raising them some time later. This is because the workers can just crash internally and/or the worker thread is still running when the test is done.